Field Access/Rentals

  • No unauthorized field usage – Golden Goal playing fields are for use by rental contract only.

  • Only players and coaches are permitted on fields. Spectators must remain outside field perimeters.

  • All players (And their parents) and coaches are required to sign the Golden Goal participation waiver. All forms are to be handed in to staff prior to any activities.

  • Players may not enter the fields without coach supervision.

  • Only players/coaches/chaperones residing in the Athlete Village may enter the Athlete Village.

  • No pets of any kind (i.e. dogs) are permitted on the facility.

  • No food or coolers may be allowed in the facility.

Field Equipment

  • Do not move, alter, or remove field equipment (Goals, corner flags, benches, etc.) unless authorized to do so.

  • No field markings of any kind are permitted, although the use of cones is allowed.

  • Goals and idle equipment outside of field perimeters are off limits and must be left alone.

  • Minors must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with, on, or around idle equipment.

  • No person or group shall store, leave, or otherwise allow remaining at the facility any materials, supplies, equipment or other physical accessories without permission of staff.

  • If there is an equipment problem or any unsafe conditions, please notify staff immediately.

Parking Policy

  • All visitors must park only in designated parking lots in order to provide emergency vehicles access.

  • No motor vehicles are allowed on the fields at any time.

Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug, and Fire Arm policy

  • Smoking and tobacco products are not allowed with the Facility.

  • Bringing alcohol onto Golden Goal property is prohibited.

  • Possession and/or consumption of any illegal drugs or unlawful use of substances is strictly prohibited.

  • Possession of firearms is strictly prohibited.

  • No unauthorized fireworks or other explosive devices.

  • Violators will be asked to leave the property.

By entering Golden Goal Property you agree to abide by these rules and regulations. Privileges may be revoked for any violation of these rules. Golden Goal reserves the right to change any and all rules, regulations, and policies whenever a due cause warrants a change. If a change is made, all organizations affected by the change will be notified.