At Golden Goal, we strive to offer the best sporting experience a child can have in a fun and safe environment.

Families and teams from all over the country and the world come to Golden Goal for an exciting experience and to compete in our beautiful, unique setting. Whether as a parent, player, coach or official, you will take part in that moment where the heart of a young champion is born and as memories and friendships that last a lifetime are created.


Where is Golden Goal?

Golden Goal is located in Fort Ann, Lake George Region, New York. The Lake George Region, 15 min away, is the fourth largest summer recreation destination in the United States. The drive is about three hours from both NYC and Montreal.

Where is the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is the Albany International Airport, in New York.

How close are the residences, dining, and social facilities to the fields?

The fields are adjacent to the Athlete Village, which includes the dining area, medical facility, cabins, recreation room, coaches and players’ lounges.

Is there a medical facility at Golden Goal?

Golden Goal has a designated medical building in the Athlete Village and a dedicated medical staff.

Where does my child sleep?

The Athlete Village has 30 spacious cabins that sleep up to 20 players each. For coed events, boys and girls are on separate sides.

Where does my child shower?

The Athlete village has a boys’ bathhouse and a girls’ bathhouse. The showers are individual with a privacy curtain. There is a separate quarter for coaches and chaperones.


What is the food like?

Golden Goal takes great pride in the high quality food we serve. Our professional chefs prepare home-made meals in a restaurant quality kitchen. All main meals include: a protein, a carbohydrate, fresh fruit, vegetables, as well as baked treats.

How do I pay?

Varies with team events and organization. Please contact us for the specific event.

How do I register? / Where are the forms? / How do I contact Golden Goal?

Please consult your coach. The forms are located here. We are thrilled to accommodate your requests. Contact us for more information.

What should each player bring?

Please review the checklist included within the forms that are located at the bottom of the website.

How is laundry handled?

Adults may visit a nearby laundromat. As an alternative, Golden Goal can arrange a laundry service for a small fee to provide daily pick up and fold.

How does my child improve?

Golden Goal unleashes your child’ potential on and off the field to its fullest by offering best quality fields, nutritious meals, comfortable lodging, and recreational activities.